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There is no shortage of people eager to buy your gold. From TV ads to newspaper ads to Google and Bing searches to Facebook ads and banner ads there certainly is a wealth of buyers to choose from. I don’t know about you, but when I am faced with a number of choices, the process seems a bit more daunting. Who can you trust?

Sure, everyone claims to pay the highest prices, but how are you to know the truth unless you run yourself ragged looking for an honest and fair deal? Luckily, all this competition is very good for you as a consumer. With the price of gold so high, you can pretty much bet that you’re going to get paid well by almost anyone.

Gold Assay is my Mother’s brainchild and she has instilled in me the vision and ethics she holds so dear for it. We are not a pawn shop.  Not to imply that there is anything wrong with pawn shops; I’m simply saying that we do not have things like guns, lawn mowers, and chain saws-we deal exclusively with precious metals.  When you enter either of our stores for the first time, you will be pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome you receive, and our willingness to educate you throughout the entire process-ensuring that you make an informed sell, whether it is to us or someone else.

I am in the business of making people very happy. It really is the best job ever. Recycling is good. Getting paid well to do it is ever better. What have you got to lose?

What You Can Expect:

When you come into the store, you can have a seat at our counter and watch us sort through your items. We will sort them into categories depending on the metal and karat. We weigh each category right in front of you and price it according to the day’s market (or London Fix). You can then decide if you want to sell or not – there is no obligation, and our feelings will not be hurt should you decide to price check; in fact, we encourage it. The entire process generally takes about 10 minutes.

If you’re unsure whether something you have is a precious metal, we are honored to look it over for you – even if you have no intention of selling it. There are no stupid questions and certainly no judgments.


We strive to make our store a welcoming and enjoyable place for you to visit.

Hope to see you soon,
Nathan Lewallen

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Return Policy- No Refunds or Returns. All sales are final.