We are GOLD buyersgold jewelry buyers, any karat from 8k to 24k Coins, any gold coins from any country, usually unmarked as to karat we will sometimes need to research online to determinegold content.

Bullion, many countries make bullion such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, the South African Krugerrand and the US American Eagle.

We also buy Gold Filled items there are many bracelets and other jewelry that are gold filled.

We are SILVER buyers: Jewelry, flatware, hollow ware, coins and bullion. Most silver jewelry, flatware and hollowware will be marked 800 Sterling or 925 which is the fineness of sterling.  Most silver coins are 80- 90% silver and bullion will be .999 fine.

PLATINUM: Jewelry and bullion.  As a rule this is usually the way platinum comes to us.  We have had industrial platinum in the form of wire brought into us as well.  Items such as the industrial wire, we send to the refinery proper for an x-ray of content and melt out to determine value.  Other items we can normally test ourselves as to content.  We are also coin bullion buyers.

We buy gold-jewelry-coins-bullion-teeth
Also sterling silver jewelry flatware hollow ware collectibles-etc 90% silver coins we also buy platinum jewelry and bullion any condition any amount come see us today! You’ll be glad you did. Jewelry prices based on 2nd London fix and change daily

Return Policy- No Refunds or Returns. All sales are final.